About Telportus

Our Origin Story

Providing an increasingly digital world with a newer,
more convenient way to travel at a moment's notice

As our world gets a little smaller, we wanted to make it even easier to streamline the vacation prospecting process for the world’s explorers. Telportus is a seamless new live virtual tour experience that lets you “try before you buy,” straight from your couch. For tour operators, it’s an opportunity to engage new clientele on a grander scale, turning prospective customers from abroad into lifelong friends, and one-time adventurers into repeat ones.

Now you can test the buzzing energy of India, the romance of Italy, or the raw mystique of the African Serengeti, all from the comfort of your own home and for a far more compelling price. We’re adding new tour partners all the time, so you can count on fresh new experiences in a diverse range of locations.

Take a look around, try one of our curated tour experiences, and tell us what you think.

Telportus is a project of Kernel Labs