A Day in Delhi | Indian Street Art Live Virtual Tour

Take a Colorful Trip to India's Largest Street Art Colony this weekend!

An Indian Street Art Experience

Take a Colorful Trip to India's Largest Street Art Colony this weekend!

Take a break from the World and deep dive with Keshav into India's finest street art scenes, colorful festivals & infinite stories behind their making!


Here's an experience for your creative soul where you will be introduced to India's crazy vivid colorful culture through symbolism and street art. Some of these murals are extremely profound, witty, sarcastic & scenic! There are lot of colorbursts and surprises during this show & the creative side of your brain will thankyou for booking this one :)



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Indian street art, host portrait in Delhi

Virtual Experience Agenda

This action packed virtual tour is divided into two parts:


·      The 1st Part: Virtual Walk down the larger than life yet hidden murals from streets of New Delhi discussing what you see & what artist sees in these murals and of course, my stories & experiences of how I discovered these artworks. Discover the unknown stories behind these murals and let yourself loose in the music of art!

·      The 2nd Part: Learn about crazy grattifi scene in Delhi – including an insider access into an abandoned factory filled with illegal poetic & punny scribbling

·       BONUS: In first 5 minutes before the start time of the tour : you will see 100 best portraits of India's people & culture clicked by photographers from around the world

Street Art Murals

Murals include The Secret Passage, The wall of life & death, A wall painted by transgenders, Indian flea market, a feminist wall & more. Come over to indulge into some happy stories to make your day bright. Ear to ear smile, guaranteed

Virtual Travel Host

 About the Host: Keshav Aggarwal

Passionate Street Art collector & admirer from Delhi. Accountant by profession but avid traveler,explorer & story teller by passion. Fortunate to have been worked for past couple of years in understanding public art works and been speaking to the artists on short walks to understand what their murals depicts and showcases. Been clicking and hosting meet-ups to introduce people to idea of wall murals and the effort that is put into it. We spend time on weekends spotting and posting about new wall murals in the city and spread the word about art in public domain.

Lodhi Art District is one of India's largest hubs for most unusual wall art called "Murals" which showcases some of the most colorful gratifies does on regular houses of that area with a lot of thought and compassion. I will take you virtually through these streets and its mural