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With these uncertain times where people are unable to move around like they used to, we came up with a solution, a virtual cultural experience so that you can enjoy learning about Aboriginal culture by taking part virtually in Manuel Pamkal’s talk and activities.

Manuel is passionate about sharing his culture and giving you an insight into what it was like having to hunt for food and sleep beside a fire to keep warm at night. Manuel is missing your company and sharing his story, so we have decided to go LIVE.

Manuel was born on 5th July 1963, well that is what his driver’s license says as they needed a date. Because Manuel has no official record of his date of birth his passport reads 00/00/1966. Manuel does know the area he was born being King River southeast of Katherine. This is where he spent most of his early childhood. When he turned 13 he and his family moved to Eva Valley for a year, then they relocated to Bamyili (Barunga), where they settled and Manuel attended school for only a day. The reason being Manuel was told by his cousin that if he wanted to stay at school he had to speak English. Manuel felt shame as he could not speak any English so he went bush and never attended school again. Manuel learnt to master the English language when he started work at Barunga as grounds men at the school when he was about 25. Manuel helped the white workers to learn his language and they helped him with his English.

Cultural Talk – Manuel Pamkal, winner of the Tourism NT Brolga award in 2013, for outstanding interpretive guide, is happy to talk about growing up in the bush, cultural differences, tribal life and his own family tree after playing a traditional welcoming tune on the didgeridoo.

Fire Lighting – Visitors have an opportunity to participate in the ancient craft of lighting a fire by rubbing two extraordinary stick together and be fascinated by the story describing the two sticks.

Spear Throwing – Our resident guide Manuel explains the use of a Woomera and Spear to perfectly hit the target that is a fake kangaroo.


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