Broken Bay Pearls

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Our Story

The natural, pristine waters of Broken Bay, the birthplace of the most lustrous Akoya pearls in the world.

Originally famous as the host to the Japanese cultured pearl, the Akoya oyster is native to the east coast of Australia. It is only natural these pristine waters produce a more lustrous pearl than found anywhere else in the world. Unlike the pearls of Asia, the Broken Bay Akoya pearls are not bleached or artificially colored. They are naturally lustrous, uniquely pure.


An Akoya cultured pearl is not an artificial or synthetic pearl; it is produced by a pearl oyster and by the normal processes of pearl growth. The only difference between a natural pearl and the cultivated variety is that a nucleus has been inserted into the oyster to enable the pearl to have a good start. It ensures a larger and more evenly shaped pearl is produced. Pearls that were taken from the water in ancient times were natural. Today naturally occurring pearls are very, very rare.

The 7 Virtues

A pearl is considered more valuable when the surface imperfections are minimal, however, these imperfections are part of their natural charm, they become distinguishing features and are proof that a pearl is genuine.

Unlike all other pearls which are valued by 5 virtues, Broken Bay Pearls has two additional virtues that add to their value: provenance & purity.

You will experience a working pearl shed on the NSW East Coast and witness a pearl being revealed from an oyster and will also learn the intricacies of pearl farming, and a brief history about the farm on this tour.


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Mary Doherty 02 /16/2021:

I was lucky to do a virtual tour with Telportus of Broken Bay Pearl Farm in Australia. It was an excellent informative evening for me while sitting in my home in Ireland. I could clearly see and hear everything the Host Chris was explaining to us . Anyone that has an interest in Pearl Jewellery should book this tour and learn what a vast amount of work goes into producing these beautiful pearls.